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Decks and Fences

Mountainside Landscapes builds decks and fences to help extend your homes living space into your yard. We build with an array of materials to suit your style. We use brown pressure treated lumber, cedar and we offer composite for desks as well. These are the best materials for Calgary’s harsh weather conditions.

Riverbeds and Bubble Ponds

Water features are a great way to add character to your yard. Larger water features and bubbler ponds are a popular choice for home owners who are willing to do the maintenance to keep them clean and beautiful. We often recommend dry river beds as they require less maintenance but still provide a lovely feature for your yard.

riverbed landscaping pond with boulders

Garden Boxes

Garden boxes are a great way to grow vegetables as they keep your plants away from the ground and out of reach from rabbits and other critters that may want to eat them. We build all of our garden boxes out of cedar because it is safe to grow vegetables in and is durable.

Landscape Lighting

Incorporating landscape lighting will both help showcase and highlight the work of your space, as well as make it more usable and functional at darker times of the day.


We install fully automated irrigation systems that will help keep your lawn, plants, flowers and trees looking full of life.




With years of experience in wood working, we can create something custom to fit your yard perfectly.  

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